“I’m in my second year of biology. I’m very into climate activism. So, kind of learning about all of biology and then also having in the back of my mind, oh like, there might not be all this biology around. It’s quite scary. And it’s also de-motivating and motivating at the same time. I’ve kind […]


“I’m a good worker. I love working here. (Bottle Lake Forest). I like the guys working here.  We’ve done an excellent job.  I come out here once a week. Wednesday. I’ve been coming for 30 years.  I love mulching. And the van gets a clean aye Tess? I love it, I do love it. Keeps […]


“I came here for studying the marketing. I searched online and I found that New Zealand is a very beautiful country and the colleges are friendly. And I think that the education is very suitable for me and especially suitable for my children. So I chose here.  Both my husband and I are studying. It’s […]


“I didn’t know what I was going to do when I grew up until I was in my 40’s.  Just after the earthquakes I started part time on a Photography Diploma. My sister gave me an old Canon 450D, I was on a tight budget. At that point I didn’t have a tripod, so I […]

Chantelle (Tui)

“I te taha o tōku koroua; Ko Hikurangi te maunga Ko Waiapu te awa Ko Horouta te waka Ko Ōhako te marae Ko Ngāti Ruapani te hapu Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi I te taha o tōku kuia; Ko Makeo te maunga Ko Waiaua te awa Ko Mataatua te waka Ko Waiaua te marae Ko […]


“I moved here about nine years ago. I live at French Farm. Our family had a bach here when I was a wee boy.  I was away living in Aussie for a long time. Living in Nelson. Bought a family up. Things change. Life goes full circle. Let me tell you. What bought me here? […]


“I’ve been here for 75 years, 14 February.  My family’s from Normandy, France. They came in a ship – Comte de Paris. And Captain Stanley was there to meet them with a bottle of champagne, probably. Well, that’s my job.  And I’ve done every job in the books.  When we were young, we had to […]


“When I was 21 I took a leap of faith and followed a girl to Berlin, I moved there with 400 dollars in my pocket and my guitar. I managed to land a self contained apartment through a friend and started busking. I lived off playing music on the street for like two years, it […]


“I didn’t get taken to funerals as a child, I got left behind. As a result I had no healthy death experiences to draw from. I became a funeral-avoidant death-phobic scaredy-cat. I was so bad at dealing with loss, terrible at supporting friends. I didn’t know what to say and often for fear of saying […]

A.K. part two

“She just started at school last week, you know? It’s a really big change and challenge for us as parents because she never been to school.  For almost four years they were stuck in Sri Lanka. It was a bit tough for them. They were in a restricted area, they were really stuck at the […]