“I’m an intentional creativity artist. 

Intentional creativity is like my navigation system. It’s a step into the unknown. For me it’s about having a way, navigating both the inner and the outer journey of life. Because when you create with intention; and that can be anything like doing the garden, planting plants or vegetables or making soup or making a birthday cake for someone you love; when you do that with intention it changes the outcome.  It activates both sides of the brain; the thinking part and the creative part allowing access to your subconscious mind where the wisdom is.

The most delicious part of doing the mural (The Grove of Intention) was seeing people make connections in themselves, with pondering the questions. I just want people to stop and think. That was the purpose of it.

It’s seven trees – Klimt-inspired – each with a different theme and inquiry. The middle tree, which is The Connection Tree asks “where in Christchurch is your favourite place to be in conversation?” This tree will be going into Spark Square. 

For me it was about building on that sense of wellbeing that Christchurch has; like the momentum was there. Does that make sense? I wanted to contribute to that because Christchurch has been through a lot. In the last three years I’ve noticed that there’s a growing sense of hope and (that sense of) optimism, so I wanted to do something that would add to that. 

The unveiling was scheduled for March 16th and was delayed by a week. After the terrorist attack occurred on the 15th; for me it became a far more poignant and relevant place for contemplation and reflection. 

What’s my one big wish for me? That’s a good question. 

Perfect health.  I had a stroke at the end of November. I did a good job of it, rupturing an artery in my neck. I consider myself lucky to be alive and am recovering well. My art is truly my medicine.”


Charity registration number: CC57701