A.K. part one

I have reached so many stages in my life. I work full time in a retail store and I got couple of days off duty, So during that time, I spend my valuable time with community and volunteering work.

Funny thing is, Some people see me at my workplace. Then suddenly they see me in Red Cross. The next day in Salvation Army Family retail stores, late evenings in community watch patrol car. They get bit confused. And love to see their reaction! 

I can earn. an extra bit of money those two days without a problem, like others do. But for me I thought I can contribute to the community. especially over here in Christchurch Central, I see people are so kind. Sometimes they get bit lost due to missing simple information or extra bit of hand. They need some direction and extra help. So I thought oh, let’s be part of that.

I learned here. I did my degree, and I completed my Business Management course. So why should I take that knowledge back overseas? I can train the team that I work with , share the knowledge I gain over here and overseas experience for more than 15 years . We call it a win-win situation. I win, you win also if I train and share the experience and knowledge with each other I am pretty sure there will be a difference we could make in each other’s life..

The most important thing is to develop the young people. Get more involved in volunteering, share your knowledge. Build the team, make sure you care for one or more person as much as you could. So it’s like a loop on a chain, it makes you strong as well as others. It will build confident. And be strong when you get weak.

I feel it’s like leading a team, we call it like a born leader. Leaders  are born, you cannot create leaders.  So I’m proud. I did the same thing while I was working in Dubai, Saudi. 

My family was reunited after four years, due to COVID restrictions and border closure and some economical and political issues back at my home country Sri Lanka. I was so excited to see my daughter and wife. My daughter was four years when I left but now she is eight years when I see her last month. And I am so glad they were able to come over here and live with me and experience lovely community we got around and enjoy the beauty of this country and especially our city Christchurch.”

To be continued:

  • A.K.


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