“I’ve always loved movies. I grew up watching re-runs of Star Trek with Dad. If I was good I would get to stay up and watch the new episode. I was about 6 or 7, I remember one episode which scared the crap out of me! But, I never told because it was a two-parter and I wanted to watch the next one. From then onwards, I was hooked on that show.

I’ve collected movies since I was old enough to buy them. I just love a good story.

Like one of my favourite movies of all time; it’s the dumbest film of all time; but I love it. It’s called Armageddon. I always thought Bruce Willis was the most relatable of the 90’s tough guys. I just love Bruce Willis, I like space and I love action; so you put it all together and it was just fun. My other favourite one would be Interstellar which is a bit more serious but it’s the same idea – go to space to save the world.

We go to the movies at least once a fortnight. In the bag right next to me is my tickets to the midnight release of Star Wars Episode 9.

I love horror; Sci fi horror is even better. If there was something bloody on TV mum would say ‘it’s all tomato sauce’. The stuff that you CAN’T see is the stuff that scares me in movies. My friends like watching ghost movies with me; something jumps out and I‘ll be a metre in the air! And it’s almost like they‘re watching me to see my reaction, rather than watching the film. I still get frights from things I’ve seen a 100 times.

There’s not a whole bunch of flat-out romances in there, but there is a couple. ‘Love Actually’ is the second best Christmas movie of all time. After ‘Die Hard’!”


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