“I live in the city. Born and bred in Christchurch, but I went to high school in Marlborough. After the earthquakes I went to Queenstown for two years to get out of town. Came back for work.
I remember catching the bus to school. I went to St Michaels and catching the bus every day and just running free really – there was not a lot of traffic, but you knew as a child, you felt safe but I suppose you were sort of oblivious to everything else around you apart from the good.
I like the growth of the city, the way it’s moving. I drive a lot all the time, pretty much 90% of my job is driving. But I enjoy just being able to get on our bikes and bike here through the different zones. I love the red zone, we just live on the outskirts of it. And I just love the feel of Christchurch, its home really, family is here.
Joy is a quiet Friday night on Fitzgerald Avenue! My son every day when you get home and you get that unconditional love and affection. The seasons; spring, the ducklings across the road. Christchurch is so seasonal and it can be seasonal in a day. And I like the way the city is regenerating artistically. Like you just turn a corner and there’s something happening. You remember what it was like, and then you go around a corner and ‘oh wow look at that!’ I love that aspect about things.”
– Barry

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