“When I moved down here from Blenheim, that was a bit of a hard time leaving my friends, my home and moving down here. Leaving everything behind to start something new. Since we had the 2011 earthquakes and that’s when I started high school, I was like ‘what a way to start the year!’, and I guess God helped me get through that. I’m happy he stuck with me.

I was looking for a part time job after getting out of high school. My dad suggested a volunteer website, I saw Imagination Station and I thought ‘oh yeah, this looks cool!’ I applied and I got accepted, and began my journey here.

I’ve been volunteering here for over 3 and a half years, coming up to 4 in August. When I started I felt like I was only going to stay for a few months, but here I am nearly 4 years later. I guess I just enjoyed it, after a while and just stuck around, I really enjoyed getting to know people and getting to know the people I work with, learning new skills as well. I’ve got a lot of friends here and gotten to know them really close now. I guess it has helped me be more confident.

When I started doing Brick School over the holidays, it gave me an opportunity to develop my leadership skills. I wanted to teach new trainees what I learnt when I started. The reason why I wanted to become a volunteer leader is to help them feel comfortable, I just wanted to help them in any way.

I’m also passionate about sports, taekwondo and squash. My family that I live with, they’ve taken care of me well, I’m thankful for them. I have family here, some family in Blenheim and I’ve also got some family in America as well, so a big family from both my mum and my dad’s side. I guess they would describe me as a helpful and kind person who always tries their best at things, despite the struggles I’ve gone through.”

– Bart
Volunteering Canterbury works with organisations like the Imagination Station to create opportunities for awesome humans like Bart.
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