“I’ve been doing compost workshops for the community for four years. But I guess composting for like the past eight years. It originally started because we moved and our house came with the compost bin. I was curious to know what it was, so we started composting, but like, just chucking stuff and not really […]


“I was in Cambodia for work. It was a very hot night, and I literally swept my hand down my body and said out loud, ‘Oh, it’s so hot!’ And I felt this lump, It felt like half the size of a golf ball. I thought, I’m not going to be too worried about it, […]


“I am a reader. I didn’t grow up with siblings, I had a lot of free time. From my childhood, I read lots of books. One of my favourite authors, she’s Enid Blyton. I grew up reading Famous Five, Secret Seven, Malory Towers – they constituted a big part of my world. The first thing […]

Sawdust – Part 2

“I’ve been travelling since I was 21. “It all started one night I went to post a letter at the post office. I got talking to a guy, and I said, ‘what do you do?’ He said ‘I’m the Commander of the Navy, down in Antarctica and the top of Alaska.’ He said he didn’t […]

Sawdust – Part 1

“I’m known all over New Zealand as Sawdust.” “When we left the mill we were all covered in sawdust. We used to go to the pub – four guys and me, had our little corner. By the time we left there was about half a metre of sawdust on the floor. I was called Chuck […]


“My name’s Crocky… the nickname I’ve had my whole life. When I was six I had a possum skin hat like the American folklore hero Davy Crockett. I never wanted to take off the hat. Where I feel most at home is the Southern Lakes where I was born, but I had my school years […]


“Meals for Mum is a charity that was started quite a few years ago – not by me, by somebody else. Hilary Barry. along with Seven Sharp, introduced it to the world and it kind of burst onto the scene nationwide. To be honest, with COVID, it became very difficult to maintain due to health […]


“Christchurch feels like home because it is! it’s the only place I’ve really known. It’s where my immediate family, who brought me up, are. My adoptive family. And so it does feel like home for me. I always knew I was Māori, but didn’t know what the whakapapa was until I was 19. In terms […]


“A big part of my life is the market. It’s coming up to 14 years (as Manager). We have our own community out here with everyone that comes in. It’s changed a lot. We’ve been through two earthquakes; the shootings; all sorts of things. COVID. Everything that can be thrown at us really. A lot […]


“I’m in my second year of biology. I’m very into climate activism. So, kind of learning about all of biology and then also having in the back of my mind, oh like, there might not be all this biology around. It’s quite scary. And it’s also de-motivating and motivating at the same time. I’ve kind […]