“I moved here about nine years ago. I live at French Farm. Our family had a bach here when I was a wee boy. 

I was away living in Aussie for a long time. Living in Nelson. Bought a family up. Things change. Life goes full circle. Let me tell you.

What bought me here? An opportunity for work, oddly enough in building, and it sort of grew from there. Then you fall into the lifestyle? It’s addictive. 

It’s a very close community, you’ve got to work in very hard with a lot of people that have across the board opinions on a lot of things – without being too political! You try and jig around the really hotspots and sort of make peace with everybody if you can. And I think it’s just an open, honest sort of a place.  You can figure people out pretty quickly aye. And it’s a cul de sac. So if anyone’s coming into nick anything, they can’t get out without being stopped at the hill!”

– Craig

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