“I’ve seen some people walk past, and they look at you like you’re scum. They don’t really know people’s situations. I’ve seen people walk past and say hello, how’s your day going? Sometimes they’ll sit down here, or here, and have a yak to ya, it doesn’t cost anything to sit down and have a chat to someone, or be polite, or help someone in need.

There are a lot of lovely people that come through here. I had a guy come through here, Chinese, a nice young fella who looked pretty well to do, he asked to look at my book. I passed it up to him and he said “It’s nice to see someone else reading the Good News Bible, have a good day”. I didn’t think anything of it, but when I picked it up again, it had five $20 notes in it. I went and bought some groceries, a couple of shirts from Hallensteins. I spent it on some nice stuff. That’s what I do. I don’t waste it, I treasure it. You’ve gotta put it to use otherwise it’s hard to catch up on what you don’t spend your money on, especially the important stuff.

We’re human beings, we take things for granted and we’ve gotta learn not to. We’re far too materialistic, everything is on a whim, things are far too easy for a lot of people.”


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