“Music’s like one of my big passions. I joined Burnside High because of the specialist music program…. It’s a jazz program specifically. I didn’t really know what jazz was; I knew it was some like, ancient genre from the olden days. I judged it. I’m a rock drummer but I thought eh! I’ll just do it anyway. I didn’t really expect to get in and I obviously played a rock song for my audition. But they let me in anyway!
I can now say I’ve been fully converted. The techniques I’ve learned from being taught from a jazz influence, it’s translated really well to the other playing. Rock drumming and jazz drumming are so different, from the technique to the mindset is totally different. The type of drums you use, the way you’re playing. The history is different.
The more you consider the actual musician, and I’ve done that a lot more recently; when I started taking it really seriously, you consider the era that the song is from and also the musician, their style, how it’s developed throughout the years, you can then play a song better. Playing a song with specific reference to its history is much more rich.
Yeah, I’m in a lot of bands. My school’s Big Band. I love that. The funk band; that’s an ensemble. A jazz combo, which is just a small band of five.
Then rock. 3DHOWLS is a metal rock jazz funk fusion band, an seven-piece with a whole horn section. That’s all original music. What else… there’s a chamber percussion ensemble, which is classical, right? I have an indie pop band called Cornflakes on Toast. And another jazz combo called Chicks from Corea, which is like the main one. So I think that’s it.
Oh, there’s one more. It’s called Carowna. it’s a metal rock band, and that’s the one we did at Muscle Car Madness. It’s just a three piece. But, since muscle car madness is about cars and we’re in a pandemic, someone clever went Oh, Corona! Car-owna! The year before we opened for Jordan Luck of The Exponents? Yeah, it was awesome. And he shouted us out it was sick!”
– Dylan

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