“I love that anyone can be a superhero!

After the earthquakes I saw a need in my community especially around the university where I was at the time. I started delivering food packages to people’s doorsteps in the middle of night as well as other random gestures of kindness. And I guess it grew from there. I love that I can put the costume on and be anonymous. Flatman gets all the photos and interest – I can just sneak away and go about my own regular life.

My motto is ‘Be a bruv, Share the love’ and this describes exactly what I do. I put on this costume everyday because I am passionate about people and I love being able to give back to Christchurch, the place I was born and raised. For me I guess everyone’s got their spark or something that makes them come alive. This is my thing – being a superhero – it’s a good buzz!”

– Flatman

Charity registration number: CC57701