“I’ve been growing my hair as long as I can remember, I do usually have hair cuts in the front.  But the back of it hasn’t been cut for years. It’s been well maintained  and long. Very long. Currently longest in my family apart from my mum.

Just because why not? It keeps my ears warm, It looks cool and It’s not the norm. Funny story. I did originally try to get a mullet and all that two or three years back. But I didn’t really want to get sideburns. So I kind of had a half-mullet that’s just grown into this.

Well, I’m a big nerd.  Hugest nerd ever. I like gaming, coding, reading; normal nerd stuff. Love schoolwork. Bit of a perfectionist. I do not stop with my schoolwork. I don’t just stop until I’m done. Fully. And if I don’t think it’s up to my standards, I just redo it. It does get a bit annoying sometimes  but it does always end in good grades.

Coding can be a fun pastime for me. Yeah. And I also do a lot of work with computers. I’ve always wanted to build a computer of my own. I just haven’t gotten the funds to do it. And I just love anything to do with computers. So sometimes if I’m bored, I just search on Google for a new program to learn.

I’m thinking mechanical engineering as it would just fit me?  Can’t really do too much as I’m only in year ten but I am doing quite a few subjects that just interest me such as CAD –  like 3d modeling. which would be good to use for mechanical engineering.”

– Jonathon

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