“I’ve been doing compost workshops for the community for four years. But I guess composting for like the past eight years.

It originally started because we moved and our house came with the compost bin. I was curious to know what it was, so we started composting, but like, just chucking stuff and not really knowing what we’re doing. Then pumpkins and potatoes just started growing out of it.

I got into gardening during lockdown. My French teacher gave me some broccoli seeds, and I grew those and then obviously, you go through the journey of discovering soils are really important to grow healthy kai.

When I was in Year 13, I was volunteering at an orchard and I ran my first compost workshop. It was pretty cool. And then people just wanted me to keep doing them. Me and my sister got an internship at the Council doing compost education for the community but my compost passion actually came from hearing about Kaicycle’s composting programme in Wellington. I want to set up a composting business like that.

Me and my sister started Compost Club at Uni last year. Our main aim is to make composting more accessible and commonplace on campus, especially for students because we find that students want to compost, but they don’t know how or they don’t have the resources. We go to their flat and we run a mini workshop for them, come back three weeks later, check out how it’s going.

I’ve taken a break this semester from burnout.

I just find it hard to say no, you get to that position where your body makes you say, no, I can’t do any more. I feel like in the environmental space people burn out a lot. I guess why I’ve struggled with saying no, is because I feel like I can change the world. But no, I can’t! We need everyone to do their little part to make a change.

I’m really passionate about cooking and growing healthy kai and having a slow life. And I haven’t done that yet. But I’m working towards it.”
– Kaitlyn

Charity registration number: CC57701