“I came to Christchurch from the UK 18 years ago. I work as a mental health support worker. I was originally an audiologist which is why I came to New Zealand. I sold real estate very briefly, I was a teacher, I’ve done a lot of things. My background is in health care and I like working in a role that’s helpful.
I’ve always been interested in photography. Coming to New Zealand and travelling around Australia and various other places of interest – I like doing city stuff – so I really quite enjoyed trips to Sydney and Melbourne and things like that.
Because of specific factors, photography is becoming more of an interest than travel at the moment. I’ve been trying to learn more, so in lockdown I started teaching myself lighting and stuff.
I’ve started collecting old cameras as well. I’m trying to collect some of the cameras I had when I was young. My first camera was sort of like a toy camera that came with a spy kit, I was about 4. I have very strong memories at around the age of eight, saving my pocket money. First thing I ever saved pocket money for was a Kodak Instamatic camera, I used that from the age of eight all the way through school and into my teens.
Christchurch has been quite good for documenting the rebuild. The progress of the last six years or so, the rebuild and the ongoing projects.
One thing I love about Christchurch, the people in the community, I didn’t experience that as much in the UK. Yeah, so Christchurch is just the right size and just the right sort of community, but it’s still got that city feel.”
– Kevin

Charity registration number: CC57701