Meagan and Sarah

“Our market stall is a small taste of our shop my best friend and I started up down Welles Street, it has since closed due to redevelopment. The whole idea was to not create any more waste and reuse good quality clothes. That’s our main purpose, however we also like to give back to charities at the same time. Sarah also works front of house at a new restaurant, 5th Street. It’s so much fun, It’s really busy and that’s super exciting.

The growth in Christchurch is really exciting, there are lots of people returning now and they’ve got the same focus and mentality – fun creatives showcasing what they can do. It feels like a whole new city is being built, there’s room for young people to do cool shit. 

I look forward to my Saturday morning routine, which is getting up and going to the markets and getting my produce, and I think a lot of other people share that. You can enjoy the simple pleasures more because it’s not a big bustling city. You have to find the gems, you work harder, but that makes you more invested. We love it, we’re not going anywhere!”

  • Meagan and Sarah

Happy International Friendship Day! #friendshipday#otautahi

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