“I’m a good worker. I love working here. (Bottle Lake Forest). I like the guys working here. 

We’ve done an excellent job. 

I come out here once a week. Wednesday. I’ve been coming for 30 years. 

I love mulching. And the van gets a clean aye Tess? I love it, I do love it. Keeps you fit.

Am I gonna have another party this year? I’m 50. Say happy birthday to me. We had cake and then we went to play pool. 

I like going swimming. With Taylor, staff member.

My flat is going good. I have four flatmates. And a staff member sleeps over. 

I play cricket every Tuesdays. My girlfriend, she comes to cricket. I like going to the black caps. 

I like music. Country western. Elton John.  

I go to Christian fellowships Church. And go walking. I like going on the bus.

I’ve been up to Hanmer Springs. Hot pools. I’d like to do that again. 


Michael is supported in his work and life by Idea Services. 

Charity registration number: CC57701