Sue and Denis

“Denis and I met after the earthquakes. We walked our dogs in the same park and kept on bumping into each other. Now we have a blended family with the dogs!

It’s really nice to have the city back. It’s just fabulous to see so much green, especially on the sunny side. I like having the people around and just the general feeling of ‘busy’. For so long I’ve simply wanted to see people because it’s been so deserted.”


“I bought the section in 1980. There were 12 people tendering for the land, so I talked to my own people and made my own tender. The brick building originally here fell down in the earthquakes. Afterwards, I met Sue and we began to design this building with a Wellington architect. It now occupies 1.7m of council airspace, due to the overhang. We’re going to live in this top floor loft apartment because to call it a penthouse would be ‘seedy’. Before now, I’d never really considered living in the city before. I think it will be ok.”


Charity registration number: CC57701