“I’ve seen some people walk past, and they look at you like you’re scum. They don’t really know people’s situations. I’ve seen people walk past and say hello, how’s your day going? Sometimes they’ll sit down here, or here, and have a yak to ya, it doesn’t cost anything to sit down and have a […]


“Well hello there……. I am an artist of the weird and I love surrealism.” – Gerard

Sue and Denis

“Denis and I met after the earthquakes. We walked our dogs in the same park and kept on bumping into each other. Now we have a blended family with the dogs! It’s really nice to have the city back. It’s just fabulous to see so much green, especially on the sunny side. I like having […]

Natalie (part two)

“Brenna would have turned 20 in April. Thomas would be 27 today. They both had the joy of eating, they both loved food. When this joy left them, we really had to question ourselves and make hard decisions for our children and not for us. I was adamant that I didn’t want either of them […]

Natalie (part one)

“I was married at 20, my husband and I recently celebrated our 30th Wedding anniversary. We have four children. We knew something wasn’t right with Thomas, our eldest son, when he wasn’t developing like the other children we knew, he could talk and walk but he had a funny walking gait. Initially we had to […]


“I left Russia 5 years ago. I go out onto the streets with my brush for a combination of reasons. First, to put something on canvas, to make brushes busy, to create. And the second, to make someone see it, join and try it. To feel how it is to be an artist. They will […]


“I was born in a third world country, PNG. One big thing that defines who I am is my family. My brothers and Mum and Dad are a big part of who I am. My dad taught me that blood is thicker than water. I was born in Papa New Guinea, we moved to NZ […]


“We have a wonderful almost 5 year old boy, Knox. My husband Tahu is a natural Dad, a saxophone player, a builder and I have two businesses. The year started off pretty normal. We lost a baby last year and started trying again in January. I am diabetic so pregnancies are high risk. I fell […]


“In my teenage years I was heavy into the party scene. I was right into that life but now I am almost 10 months clean and sober and in recovery. I rap, produce music and also sing. I am basically a multi-talented musician and I love what I do. One of the things I am […]


“First and foremost is always the fact I am the father of five sons. The eldest one is 21 years and the rest are teenagers, with the youngest 15 years old. I am one of four boys. So with no sisters I am use to dealing with boys. I have always loved my sport and […]