“I’m 12 and I’m home schooled. I love the music the accordion makes and it’s easy to carry. It’s an orchestra in a bag!” – Aleksey


“I live in the city. Born and bred in Christchurch, but I went to high school in Marlborough. After the earthquakes I went to Queenstown for two years to get out of town. Came back for work. I remember catching the bus to school. I went to St Michaels and catching the bus every day […]

Topsy and Kitty

“My husband John knew Topsy and her husband Stan before I did. Topsy and I have been in the museum together for about 46 years.” – Kitty “Ken Maynard was having a yack one night about the mischief they got up to down at Scarborough when we were kids. And I said ‘but Ken, we […]

Nan and her Grands

“We’ve come to throw flowers off the pier for our Nan. It was cool! People are stopping and looking at the flowers that are washed out. Well we’re all from the North Island. I live in Wellington but I just moved back actually. I was down here for a year, living with Nan. She was […]


“This started off with me wanting to get into rowing. My teacher said, ‘this is gonna be bloody expensive.’ So I looked at ways to find money; I was looking at getting some sort of minimum wage job. Then I thought why don’t I start my own business? And then it was like, it’s got […]


“I grew up in North Canterbury and Waipara. When I was around 10 we moved into the city. I left a community where I felt I belonged, I knew people and they knew me. I moved into this wild city of Christchurch which was quite shocking to me. It seems quite funny now, because I […]


“I think the events of March 15 and also the earthquakes of 2010 and ‘11 were pretty defining moments for me. We lost our neighbour in the earthquakes. During the mosque attacks we had been sponsoring a muslim family who’d come over from Jordan. For about 18 months prior to that we had built a […]


“Me and my family went overseas around the world like, not like every country but just like in a circle. My animal encounters was one of the main things I remember. We did it when I was seven, which was seven years ago. So we went to the States, the famous places like the Grand […]


“I’m on checkouts. I was quite surprised when we weren’t considered frontline in that second group of rollout of the vaccine. It was only when we went into lockdown that we were considered for it, which is weird, as we’re the only ones open that people can go to, every single day. People are pretty […]


“I love pattern design. It really, really excites me.” “I moved to Melbourne when I was 19 with the dream of working for Julia Green at Greenhouse Interiors. With no experience, I found it really hard to find a decent job that would have me full time. I think I was a bit naive to […]