“Post-earthquakes I had a disconnect in my teaching, especially with the way we were  expected to teach writing under the national standards. Teaching suddenly became uncomfortable for me, and I had loved it. I’ve always been a hobby writer so I took a time out to do a Masters in Creative Writing and wrote a […]


“I went ice skating one night with a friend of mine, I was studying at the time. And we went ice skating and I met this guy. First thing Jason said to me was ‘What size is your shoe?’ We’ve been married for 16 years, we have three children who are now teenagers. We’re now […]


“I live at Hohepa, since 2008. Independence and also leap options. Learning and exploring. Been doing people’s group? Been doing like the community gardens at Richmond. Yes. And adventure group. We do going walking, outing. Probably have a look at the ducks. And also having lunch. This is Bishop’s badge. Bishop Paul Martin. This one […]


“Every so often, mostly in the winter, I have storytelling nights. And I have mulled wine and a nice fire and candles, and select about 12 people – our friends. And we have a theme.  And you have to sit on a stool. It’s a storytelling stool. We announce our story with a title.  The […]


“Since I was about six they put me in dresses. I just didn’t want to get out of them, that’s all. Yes my cousins dressed me up and I enjoyed it. It’s interesting when you look back in life because as I say I’m 80 now. I’ve been in and out over the years. Sydney; […]


“I live in Westmorland, but I was telling my childhood story about growing up in Addington. My Nana lived around the corner; in those old days, that’s what happened. My dad built the house after the war. We’d walk every day to have lunch with Nana. I’m one of eight – I’m number four. When […]


“I grew up singing, songs being sung to me or with me. I guess coming from a kapa haka background, that was all I lived and breathed. What makes waiata and song so important for me is because it connects me back to my family and my whakapapa, but also helps me to connect to […]


“It’s a consistency in my life, going to the mountains and exploring. I grew up in the Carpathian Mountains and one of the most spectacular national parks in Poland – Tatra National Park – is not far so I could go just for a day trip. I loved just going for long walks in those […]

Colin and James

“I probably spend a couple of hours a day building. My favourite lego part is the two by four brick – I’ve always had a fascination for two by four bricks. One day, I was just randomly building with them and I came up with the idea of a series of characters and that’s the […]


“I’m a lawyer. Who’s just been made a QC (Queen’s Counsel). Startlingly! How do I explain what the QC ceremony was? It’s an accolade for court lawyers to recognize excellence at the bar. So it’s lovely and startling. I’m the only woman QC practicing in Christchurch which is outrageous. When I graduated from law school, […]