Matt and Robbie

I just enjoy doing the band; it’s my creative outlet aye. We’ve all got day jobs so we don’t play that many gigs, so we look forward to each one. It’s really hit home how important playing music is for us; just the great thing that we have, and how really lucky we are. We are super important to one another.


“My father had prostate cancer, his brother had prostate cancer, his sister had breast cancer. They say men should get annual blood tests from age 50; or 40 if your father’s had it. Other than my blood test I had no symptoms whatsoever. My father – he suffered. That gave me a horrendous fear of […]

Di Foster

At 31 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and at 38 I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer metastasised in my lungs. It was suggested that I had a 12 month life expectancy with zero percent chance of lasting 18 months.


“We have a wonderful almost 5 year old boy, Knox. My husband Tahu is a natural Dad, a saxophone player, a builder and I have two businesses. The year started off pretty normal. We lost a baby last year and started trying again in January. I am diabetic so pregnancies are high risk. I fell […]