“I didn’t know what I was going to do when I grew up until I was in my 40’s.  Just after the earthquakes I started part time on a Photography Diploma. My sister gave me an old Canon 450D, I was on a tight budget. At that point I didn’t have a tripod, so I […]


“After the earthquakes, I was a bit of a menace as a teenager. I wasn’t as self-aware as I am now about what exactly I was struggling with but I just knew that I was really, really sensitive to what was going on around me. I used to go to Travis Wetland when I felt […]


“I grew up in Dunedin and loved it down there. I was heavily into sport, I competed all around the world. I ended up based in Australia in 1990, and in 1994 I was in Germany trying to qualify for the Commonwealth Games and I injured my shoulder. I was a javelin thrower.  I ended […]


“I’ve spent the first 18 years of my life in Christchurch and it will always be where my heart feels calm. I was only 11 when the earthquakes hit, so I was quite little. Just trying to figure the world out, when during lunchtime at school, the door slammed and I got locked in a […]


“I didn’t really enjoy high school, I just went because it’s what you do. I didn’t really have any teachers I could really connect with, it’s like those movies where you might find one teacher who really inspires you, I didn’t have that as such.  It’s funny, in high school I studied graphic design, and […]


“I had always wanted to open a bar. It was a dream my father foresaw for me many years ago. He died four years ago sadly before OGB was opened. Post earthquakes I just wanted to bring heritage back to Christchurch and compliment the Old Government Building: OGB.” – Nick

Kerim and Sharon

“Everyone here has a story. We work together and are neighbours. We have just taken part in an event that is run all around the world at the same time of year. It’s about coming together, dressing up and celebrating a love of music and dance. We think everyone should dance more and move together. […]