“Well I’ve always been interested in tourism but I had to retire before I got involved. I was in sales for a number of years but I started my working life on the railways, as a fireman making black smoke. When I was due to retire I came across the kiosk in Cathedral Square of […]


“I’m from Wellington but I’ve been living here since 2016. I met by boyfriend online, we chatted for about five months then starting seeing each other. I’d never been to the South Island in my life and I thought wow, this is amazing.  When I was in Wellington I was very different. My dad was […]


“It sounds pretty cliche, but when people asked me what I wanted to do when I was older, I had no idea but I always knew I wanted to help people. I’ve been in hospitality for about 10 years and I’ve seen firsthand how much food wastage there is. When I heard about the free […]


“I spend a lot of time at home crafting, and doing bits and pieces here and there. I’m a stay at home mum so I need something to fill in the time between looking after the children and I really like creating different pieces of art that people can enjoy. I’m passionate about anything crafty […]

Sue and Denis

“Denis and I met after the earthquakes. We walked our dogs in the same park and kept on bumping into each other. Now we have a blended family with the dogs! It’s really nice to have the city back. It’s just fabulous to see so much green, especially on the sunny side. I like having […]


“I left Russia 5 years ago. I go out onto the streets with my brush for a combination of reasons. First, to put something on canvas, to make brushes busy, to create. And the second, to make someone see it, join and try it. To feel how it is to be an artist. They will […]