“People don’t take you seriously if you are wearing a bowtie these days do they?  Especially in NZ, you get doubletakes – is he wearing a bowtie and a pocket watch?  So I thought oh well I didn’t know everyone’s name and they are all my customers, so it’s far easier to go around greeting […]


“I’m from Wellington but I’ve been living here since 2016. I met by boyfriend online, we chatted for about five months then starting seeing each other. I’d never been to the South Island in my life and I thought wow, this is amazing.  When I was in Wellington I was very different. My dad was […]


“I’ve dressed like this since I was little. I can remember making my mum cut one leg out of two pairs of tights so I could have a different colour on each leg. For me, because I’m a heavy-duty cutie, it’s a way of expressing myself and giving other people permission – they can be […]


“I like fancy shirts, fancy jackets and ties. And hats. When I’m out lots of people comment on my hats, like, just random people.” – Hugh