Yvonne and Carl

“Last December, Carl came into the store, looking at the Christmas lights, and I was tidying them up. We talked for about half an hour. My grandchildren came up from Queenstown and I took them out to the Christmas lights. I talked to him and invited him out for a coffee. I wasn’t sure where […]

Pauline and Bernie

“I was brought up on a farm. I’ve never been without animals; I’ve had every animal under the sun. I just love them. Chaos – he’s a Border Collie/Jack Russell cross. Halo; she was our rottie – we just picked up her ashes today and we’re going to scatter them somewhere here. We are getting […]

Graham and Perrine

We found Halswell to be an absolute haven. Our boundary was with the reserve and our gardens merged together. I think the potential that was in the reserve hit me and our neighbours encouraged us to proceed.

Natalie (part one)

“I was married at 20, my husband and I recently celebrated our 30th Wedding anniversary. We have four children. We knew something wasn’t right with Thomas, our eldest son, when he wasn’t developing like the other children we knew, he could talk and walk but he had a funny walking gait. Initially we had to […]