Duncan W

“I started fishing as a little kid. When I was about six or seven, we moved to a farm. And within about three or four miles of the farm was a lake, and they stocked it with bass, so we were just fishing there every chance we got. Then a friend of mine when I […]

John A

“I created a unique set of circumstances that I landed here in June 2016. As I flew into Christchurch, for the first time, I got this overwhelming sense that I was home. And I’ve never had that. I had a feeling, an energy, I don’t know, that drew me to this place. I had a […]


“Every so often, mostly in the winter, I have storytelling nights. And I have mulled wine and a nice fire and candles, and select about 12 people – our friends. And we have a theme.  And you have to sit on a stool. It’s a storytelling stool. We announce our story with a title.  The […]