“I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa until I was 16. It was cool; good and bad, different. The expectation of men in Capetown is different for colored men. Men are not allowed to be soft and I think that is why there is so much more violence. We are not able to show […]


“It isn’t common for men to be social workers, less than 10 percent are. I want guys to get the message that you can become a social worker or nurse and it is ok. Its dirty work or stressful work but you are able to go down the pathway that you are attracted to. Valuing […]


“I didn’t really enjoy high school, I just went because it’s what you do. I didn’t really have any teachers I could really connect with, it’s like those movies where you might find one teacher who really inspires you, I didn’t have that as such.  It’s funny, in high school I studied graphic design, and […]


“My journey with masculinity started early as a very effeminate young boy. In my late teens, coming out as gay, part of that is to explore those boundaries of your feminine and masculine qualities. I think coming into my adult life it took me a little longer to relax into and accept the masculine traits […]


I’m a part owner of a new restaurant, 5th Street, in Sydenham. That’s my main job and passion – it keeps me busy. I’m also really into my wine. My favourite wine region is probably Waipara because its local and I love what the winemakers are doing out there. They’re trying to pull away from […]


“I don’t really consider myself being that masculine. One way I consider myself masculine is being a good dad, hopefully being a good dad. That to me is probably the most male thing that I can hope for. I have quite a bit to do with netball, coach, play, umpire. My daughters are pretty hard […]


“I moved to Christchurch when I was six, I was born in Dunedin. My Dad’s Samoan, he moved to New Zealand when he was 17, so I’ve grown up with Samoan heritage. My Mum is Scottish, Polish and English, so trying to find a space where the two cultures fit together nicely is something I […]