“Meals for Mum is a charity that was started quite a few years ago – not by me, by somebody else. Hilary Barry. along with Seven Sharp, introduced it to the world and it kind of burst onto the scene nationwide. To be honest, with COVID, it became very difficult to maintain due to health […]


“A big part of my life is the market. It’s coming up to 14 years (as Manager). We have our own community out here with everyone that comes in. It’s changed a lot. We’ve been through two earthquakes; the shootings; all sorts of things. COVID. Everything that can be thrown at us really. A lot […]

Ron ‘The Mystic’

“I’ve had a market stall for 14 years. I offer readings to the public. I read palms and tarot cards, it’s very therapeutic just to have someone to talk to. We live in a world where it’s becoming more online and less personable. I’ve had a lot of life experience so that helps my readings […]