“I had childhood trauma when I was younger. Being diagnosed with ADHD at six. I carried that label around like it was printed on my T-Shirt. They even put me in a Woman’s Day magazine with the article titled ‘Taming Hunter’ you know, like some sort of a circus act. At age nine, I had […]


“I think a lot of my struggles came from my own experiences, which are a direct link to my upbringing. But I refuse to run away from hardship and challenges, mainly when I’ve done nothing wrong. I have this thing where from suffering, I think I create the most beautiful things. So I’m grateful for […]

John A

“I created a unique set of circumstances that I landed here in June 2016. As I flew into Christchurch, for the first time, I got this overwhelming sense that I was home. And I’ve never had that. I had a feeling, an energy, I don’t know, that drew me to this place. I had a […]


“I think the events of March 15 and also the earthquakes of 2010 and ‘11 were pretty defining moments for me. We lost our neighbour in the earthquakes. During the mosque attacks we had been sponsoring a muslim family who’d come over from Jordan. For about 18 months prior to that we had built a […]


“Me and my family went overseas around the world like, not like every country but just like in a circle. My animal encounters was one of the main things I remember. We did it when I was seven, which was seven years ago. So we went to the States, the famous places like the Grand […]


“So I really want to help people. And due to my own health experiences, I realised that the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff isn’t super helpful. So I graduated in Health Science and I applied for over 70 jobs and got rejected by all of them. It made me realise as a young […]


“I lost my hair in 2017 and I moved here (Diamond Harbour) that same year. I didn’t realize I was having a mental breakdown until I discovered my physical breakdown. Before, my hair was down to my bum, beautiful, long, dead-straight. At first I was hoping it was ringworm because I’ve been volunteering with Cat […]


“It started about nine years ago alongside my kids. There was a swan plant at our playcentre and I thought it was amazing that anyone could purchase a plant and see this miraculous life cycle of a butterfly happening in their own garden. I realised how much joy, wonderment and magic my children got out […]