A.K. part two

“She just started at school last week, you know? It’s a really big change and challenge for us as parents because she never been to school.  For almost four years they were stuck in Sri Lanka. It was a bit tough for them. They were in a restricted area, they were really stuck at the […]

A.K. part one

I have reached so many stages in my life. I work full time in a retail store and I got couple of days off duty, So during that time, I spend my valuable time with community and volunteering work. Funny thing is, Some people see me at my workplace. Then suddenly they see me in […]


“When I moved down here from Blenheim, that was a bit of a hard time leaving my friends, my home and moving down here. Leaving everything behind to start something new. Since we had the 2011 earthquakes and that’s when I started high school, I was like ‘what a way to start the year!’, and […]