“I’m a good worker. I love working here. (Bottle Lake Forest). I like the guys working here.  We’ve done an excellent job.  I come out here once a week. Wednesday. I’ve been coming for 30 years.  I love mulching. And the van gets a clean aye Tess? I love it, I do love it. Keeps […]


“It’s a consistency in my life, going to the mountains and exploring. I grew up in the Carpathian Mountains and one of the most spectacular national parks in Poland – Tatra National Park – is not far so I could go just for a day trip. I loved just going for long walks in those […]


“After the earthquakes, I was a bit of a menace as a teenager. I wasn’t as self-aware as I am now about what exactly I was struggling with but I just knew that I was really, really sensitive to what was going on around me. I used to go to Travis Wetland when I felt […]


“I lost my hair in 2017 and I moved here (Diamond Harbour) that same year. I didn’t realize I was having a mental breakdown until I discovered my physical breakdown. Before, my hair was down to my bum, beautiful, long, dead-straight. At first I was hoping it was ringworm because I’ve been volunteering with Cat […]


 “I always had a love of the outdoors so right from school I started as an apprentice in the Botanic Gardens. I used to see the rangers going around and I thought; those guys had a great job. I joined the Police and I thought if I like it I’ll stay, and if I don’t, […]


“It started about nine years ago alongside my kids. There was a swan plant at our playcentre and I thought it was amazing that anyone could purchase a plant and see this miraculous life cycle of a butterfly happening in their own garden. I realised how much joy, wonderment and magic my children got out […]