“Music’s like one of my big passions. I joined Burnside High because of the specialist music program…. It’s a jazz program specifically. I didn’t really know what jazz was; I knew it was some like, ancient genre from the olden days. I judged it. I’m a rock drummer but I thought eh! I’ll just do […]

Sarah – P2

“Music education is so important because it teaches you another code. It’s like another language that you’re learning and that’s amazing weightlifting for your brain. Then it also teaches you a code for how to be as a human as well! I’ve seen shy people come right out of their shell and be able to […]

Sarah Hickman – P1

“When I first started playing music as a youngster, I was very much a music-reading machine. It was a technical exercise, of knowing the code; what the symbols meant. I remember when I was about 15, we got stuck in a snowstorm, and we had to sleep in a shearing shed. One of my dad’s […]