“I’ve been growing my hair as long as I can remember, I do usually have hair cuts in the front.  But the back of it hasn’t been cut for years. It’s been well maintained  and long. Very long. Currently longest in my family apart from my mum. Just because why not? It keeps my ears […]

John A

“I created a unique set of circumstances that I landed here in June 2016. As I flew into Christchurch, for the first time, I got this overwhelming sense that I was home. And I’ve never had that. I had a feeling, an energy, I don’t know, that drew me to this place. I had a […]


“I live at Hohepa, since 2008. Independence and also leap options. Learning and exploring. Been doing people’s group? Been doing like the community gardens at Richmond. Yes. And adventure group. We do going walking, outing. Probably have a look at the ducks. And also having lunch. This is Bishop’s badge. Bishop Paul Martin. This one […]


“Every so often, mostly in the winter, I have storytelling nights. And I have mulled wine and a nice fire and candles, and select about 12 people – our friends. And we have a theme.  And you have to sit on a stool. It’s a storytelling stool. We announce our story with a title.  The […]