Sawdust – Part 1

“I’m known all over New Zealand as Sawdust.” “When we left the mill we were all covered in sawdust. We used to go to the pub – four guys and me, had our little corner. By the time we left there was about half a metre of sawdust on the floor. I was called Chuck […]


“My name’s Crocky… the nickname I’ve had my whole life. When I was six I had a possum skin hat like the American folklore hero Davy Crockett. I never wanted to take off the hat. Where I feel most at home is the Southern Lakes where I was born, but I had my school years […]


“It’s a consistency in my life, going to the mountains and exploring. I grew up in the Carpathian Mountains and one of the most spectacular national parks in Poland – Tatra National Park – is not far so I could go just for a day trip. I loved just going for long walks in those […]


“I’ve lived in Christchurch for 3 years, I came here for work. I came to work as a postdoctoral fellow for the University of Canterbury. I’m Originally from Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico, but I have been to several places already. I lived in the UK, in Glasgow for four and a half years and while I […]


“Me and my family went overseas around the world like, not like every country but just like in a circle. My animal encounters was one of the main things I remember. We did it when I was seven, which was seven years ago. So we went to the States, the famous places like the Grand […]


“I love pattern design. It really, really excites me.” “I moved to Melbourne when I was 19 with the dream of working for Julia Green at Greenhouse Interiors. With no experience, I found it really hard to find a decent job that would have me full time. I think I was a bit naive to […]