“Meals for Mum is a charity that was started quite a few years ago – not by me, by somebody else. Hilary Barry. along with Seven Sharp, introduced it to the world and it kind of burst onto the scene nationwide. To be honest, with COVID, it became very difficult to maintain due to health […]


“I’m in my second year of biology. I’m very into climate activism. So, kind of learning about all of biology and then also having in the back of my mind, oh like, there might not be all this biology around. It’s quite scary. And it’s also de-motivating and motivating at the same time. I’ve kind […]


“I had childhood trauma when I was younger. Being diagnosed with ADHD at six. I carried that label around like it was printed on my T-Shirt. They even put me in a Woman’s Day magazine with the article titled ‘Taming Hunter’ you know, like some sort of a circus act. At age nine, I had […]

Knit & yarn group – Leslie, Marjorie, Judith and Jillian

“Well, I never thought about joining a group, I saw Marjorie at the wool shop, and she was wearing something that she had knitted and I said ‘hey, I like your bolero’. And she said ‘I’m starting a knitting group’, and so that’s when I started going because I live in the country, out towards […]


“I came here in 2020, post first lockdown and got a plot here with Mary Croft. We turned the grass over and planted a few beds of carrots and cauliflower in the middle of winter.   We were both quite concerned about where we are we gonna get our food post the COVID crisis. I […]


“I think a lot of my struggles came from my own experiences, which are a direct link to my upbringing. But I refuse to run away from hardship and challenges, mainly when I’ve done nothing wrong. I have this thing where from suffering, I think I create the most beautiful things. So I’m grateful for […]


“I love it out here. I love a view. Jim bought this (bach) probably about 50 years ago. Jim is my father-in-law. Whenever you turn the mains on, the wireless stays on for the whole weekend. It’s just part of the ambience of the place. We’ve finally got a bit of tenure now for 30 […]


“I am a child of the universe. I try to live my truth and I try to walk my truth. So that the universe is not confused and I’m not confused. So what I’m putting out there is pure intent, just like the universe. When Tāne-mahuta breathed life into first woman, ‘tihei mauri ora’, all […]


“I’m an intentional creativity artist.  Intentional creativity is like my navigation system. It’s a step into the unknown. For me it’s about having a way, navigating both the inner and the outer journey of life. Because when you create with intention; and that can be anything like doing the garden, planting plants or vegetables or […]


“I’m a massive nerd. My brain was wired by birth for me to be an engineer and I think like an engineer. I don’t like doing things I don’t understand how to do. When I’m on just a random dance floor; random music, I don’t know what to do; I just don’t do anything. I […]