Nur Farhanah (Hana)

“When I came here, I experienced discrimination. I accepted it at first because I’d already experienced discrimination in Singapore as an indigenous Malay. I thought that it’s okay because I’m a foreigner here in New Zealand. But when I left NZ for two years, I came back older and a bit wiser. I was like, […]


“Just before I turned 17 I started work in a butcher’s shop. I had wanted to become a joiner because I enjoyed making things with my hands, but got told that not only was I not strong enough, but that a woman’s place was in the office not in the workshop! I am not an […]


“I was a child raised by books. I grew up with Heidi and Little Women, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, myths of Greek and Roman gods, Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, and the lives of the saints. I was a sickly, insecure child and a pretty unattractive one, so, I guess it’s […]