Tammee and Graeme

Ive been in Christchurch for 23 years, I’m from Southland. The weather is generally better here. I just like old cars. I’ve always had them.
– Graeme

I’ve been here 10 years, moving back and forwards as I’m originally from up in the North Island. We’ve been together for nearly 4 years, He’s hired me, so he’s my boss!
– Tammee

She’s a ‘57 oldsmobile, all original. She’s 61. We call her the old girl. We just went down to Rock and Hop in Timaru recently. Lot of nice cars down there. We’ve got another car were doing as well a ‘68 Valiant , it’s getting a tidy up at the moment. Never had anything too flash, but this one is probably the best one we’ve had.

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